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Blue Dorm Introduction and First Homework Assignment

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Blue Dorm Introduction and First Homework Assignment

Post by Valkoor on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:32 pm

Well, hello members of Diamond Dire Blue! I will be your dorm leader. I hope we have a lot of fun with this dorm, and I expect to see you all rise to Crystal White Dorm as soon as possible, for all of you have the makings of greatness in you!... Treasure Planet reference for the win. >w>

I will be updating homework on Monday, and every Monday after that, save for a few exceptions Including this post). Due to this being the intermediate dorm (and by no means is this bad), you will have intermediate assignments, like side decking, card-specific rulings, advanced deck building, things like that.

Now, for your first homework assignment... You will duel me one on one! IT will be a full match, with side decking, and you are not, by any circumstances, to bring Dragon Rulers or Spellbooks. You can bring things like Redox Gadgets or Fortune Ladeis with Spellbooks, by all means, but just don't bring either of those two archetypes.

I hope to see you all on the dueling grounds! Let the children's card game reign through the world!!!

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